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It has been a blessing!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I hope to enjoy more times like these with all my sisters. It has been a wonderful year for me, because I can look back and see how it helped to have someone who is experiencing the same things you are, and to have them to talk and pray with. It has been a joy on my part!! I do wish more ladies would come and join us as we uplift one another while we are single women. Because one day we will meet our soul mates, and our role as a single woman will be over. The good thing is this, we can look back and know we reached out to another single woman in need of friendship. Friendship is a blessing, even though it is across the miles. Holly, you make a good cup of coffee my dear. Thanks!

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Holly said...


I so hoped that our ladies would join in on your anniversary celebration. It was such a sweet sweet celebration from your heart and it is so obvious how huge you love and care for the ladies in our group! Keep up the race............ I know you will hear well done my good and faitful servant! :) Holly