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It has been a blessing!

Friday, January 21, 2011



ChosenForHisGlory said...

I created this site so we could celebrate our 1st anniversary here. I am working on it now. Please help when you can. Thanks!

ChosenForHisGlory said...

Janurary 27th is our anniversary. My prayer is that we all get to post on this site for the special ocassion on our P31 group list. Thanks ladies. Please join me in celebrating our 1st Anniversary.

Holly said...

I LOVE IT CLAUDIA.............
And the one post about Friendship has distance... Oh My.. This is absolutely so true!!!!!!!!!!!

My prayer is that more woman will come on board and the ladies we do have will be blessed in knowing how much they are loved and prayed for by each and every one of us. Thank you Lord for giving us such a sweet, giving Proverbs 31 Lady as our leader of devout woman!

God bless you Claudia and thank you for this special celebration blog!

Hugs.... Holly

ChosenForHisGlory said...

You always bless my heart, Holly. This will be for our celebration on the 27th. I am glad you like it, but please HELP!!!! LOL